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Critical success factors in the age of disruptions and innovations are to learn, unlearn and relearn. Encovate designs specific courses and programs for hospitality students, professionals and educators to be future ready.

Why Encovate?

In a world today where there is an overdose of content, it is easy to get dissuaded with programs that don’t difficult to choose programs that add value and change.

Having faced these challenges and being in the hospitality industry for over two decades, we understand the needs  hospitality individuals better and craft programs that make them a better version of themselves suited for the ever evolving industry.

Encovate challenges the conventional format of learning with a blended and outcome based learning approach.

The Encovate advantage

Flipped class & Live sessions

Cohort based offering both pre-recorded & Live sessions  for academic & professional success.

Transformational learning

The true value of learning is in its ability to transform people and we have consistently been able to achieve that.

Track performance

Monitor learner progress and advise course corrections when necessary to drive to desired results.

MYP session was very insightful and it was handled well. The places where we needed to strengthen were quickly pointed out & tips were given. I learnt how listening carefully, adding gestures can give one an upper hand during group discussion.


Student, IHM Bangalore

I found the format of MYP very interesting.  I analyzed my own speaking style and made improvements accordingy.  I also learnt certain do’s and dont’s of interviews and the one-on-one feedback sessions to help us be  better versions of ourselves. 


Student, IHM Lucknow

Current Programs

Server Readiness

This program is targeted at entry level positions in F&B establishments enabling them to be job ready and contribute effectively in operations

Manager development

Meant for young managers, this program transitions one to be better decision makers and develop strong teams to drive success

Sales Effectiveness

Enables individuals and teams to learn about hospitality sales and new effective strategies for every step in the sales cycle 

Leadership Program

Aimed at young leaders the program enables one to be a more fair and inspirational and hands on leader driving teams to success.


How it works?


Register on Encovate course page

Check the courses relevant to your learning goals


Begin the learning journey

Learn from both self paced learning & cohort based live sessions 


Track your own progress

Monitor project progress and make course corrections 


Learn from peers & by doing

All programs enhance on the learn by doing methodology for learner to retain and perform better

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