Educator preparatory program

A comprehensive program for Teachers, Lecturers, Faculty, Trainers to increase digital proficiency and enhance online teaching process

New batch announcement soon | Online learning | Self paced | INR 1999  


Understand the challenges of online teaching and overcome them


Myth about online learning | changing mindset


Learn 15 online tools that builds learner engagement


Become competent in making high impact presentations & videos


Knowledge of effective online teaching methodologies

2 Live online sessions

60 min Kickstarter & closing  session conveniently placed over weekend
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The live online session consists of instructor led interactive discussion.

There are two live online session.

  1. Kickstarter
  2. Final day event

👉The Kickstarter session is to welcome all participants and networking amongst each other followed by the program outline explanation. This session is of 60 mins

👉The final day event is of 90 mins where particular questions/queries with regard to the program are answered. The participants also present their assignment which is part of the program evaluation. 

👉Following the final event, participants are awarded e-certificates based on successful completion of the program.

Self paced learning videos

Bite size video lessons that can be accessed and completed at convenience
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The learning videos are bite size content of less than 5 mins.

👉The videos are accessed through a showcase available :

  • on a link either mailed to you
  • as well as accessed on the Encovate website

👉The videos are available for a stipulated period of time within which you need to complete the learning process.

👉You may choose to complete watching the videos at one go or at your own pace as per convenience.

👉We would however suggest completing at least one topic in a day. which means  6-8 videos only  to watch in a day.


Assessments and Assignments

After each learning module to measure the learner understanding and progress.
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👉There are  assessments & assignments allocated after each learing module. These assessments are to be completed before proceeding for the next module.

👉For the final day session, a particular task would be assigned to you and the same is to be presented in the 90 min session.

👉For conveience, a support group will be formed to help each other through the program at any given point .


Covid 19 pushed us to re-consider the format of schooling. In matter of few days, schools and colleges transitioned from classroom learning to online learning. It also reflected the need of faculty to get upto speed with the latest in digital teaching and technology.

Educator Preparatory program is  thoughtfully crafted for faculty menbers, trainers and educators  to reduce their digital gaps and enable them to use technology  to their best advantage for teaching. 

It is a 7 days program offering blended learning i.e a mix of online and offline learning. The self paced online learning allows  learner the flexibility of learning at their own pace within a stipulated time. A series of videos are shared with the learner everyday.  Assignments are shared on email and over the community created for the specific purpose. In addition to this, two live instructor led sessions are conducted to impart knowledge and  to  cover any specific queries.

What You Get


Access to 50+ learning videos over a stipulated period


Interactive discussions in live class & support community


2 E-books with best practices


Assessment and assignment feedback


Digital certificate on program completion


Ongoing Lifetime support


EPP New Batch

To be announced soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have come on a webinar for all seven days?
No, not at all. First of all this is not a webinar. It is a learning program and we expect a two way communication as against a webinar. The program is designed keeping in mind the schedule of teachers today. We know you are occupied during the week and so made it a self paced learning for you.  Everyday you will receive a set of videos to watch at your convenience, and complete it within a given period of time. The two live sessions are placed during the weekend so you don’t need to alter your schedule in weekdays.
Do I have to complete watching everyday?
This is to your convenience. However, for the best impact of this program, we encourage you to complete watching the videos of the day. This will be less than 30 mins of your time everyday and will bring you upto speed with the latest offerings in online teaching that would be of benefit for you to learn. 

Putting aside everything for the last day, will have immense pressure to complete everything in a fast track manner and submit assignments. The program will not leave its desired impact. Hence, it is suggested to complete the learning videos of the day.

When do we have to submit the assignments?
These are short assignments that would not take more than 6 mins to complete, so it is advised to submit the assigment the same day as you receive it. 

There is also a final day assignment which you need to present. The details of the presentation format would be shared over email later. 

What does the E-book contain?
There are two e-books that would be shared with each participant. The e-books can also be referred at a later point and as a refresher. It comprises of key points from the learning videos/modules. 
What would happen if I am unable to attend the last Live session?
Each session and all the learning modules have to be attended and reviewed  for the successful completion of the program. However, incase if you are unable to attend the program due to an emergency, we would completely understand that and would try to accommodate you in the next batch for the session you missed. Once you have submitted the assignment and assessments, following which we will award the certificate to you. 
Will I be initimated of new techniques and trends post this program too?
Yes, you would be. The program allows you to have a lifelong ongoing support by being part of a community where you will gain first hand information about the different techniques, aids,  methodologies and trends pertaining to teaching.
I have few more queries. How can I reach someone at Encovate?
Sure, you can reach us at the phone number provided on top. Alternatively, you can write to [email protected] and we shall get back to you at the earliest.

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