What is Encovate?

Encovate is a unique training and development platform specifically created for hospitality professionals and organizations. It is an online community which assists organizations to perform better and professionals to succeed in their hospitality journey.

Why is a hospitality platform needed?

Encovate aims to equip hospitality organizations and professionals with the requisite knowledge, skills and the professional standards needed to succeed thereby impacting and strengthening the hospitality community at large. Plansform is essentially ‘your’ community. It provides easy access to knowledge, products/services, tools & technologies to hospitality professionals.

Like we always say, we give Encovate its heartbeat. You, by your active participation, will give Encovate its personality.

I am a hospitality company. How can Encovate help us?

For any hospitality business, the core is the People. If you and your teams function right, your business forges ahead than the competition. Encovate assists you in your business journey by nurturing your talent pool, making them job ready and effectively contribute at work. Encovate also instils the right culture that fosters supportive management and positive work environment leading to higher employee engagement.

I have downloaded the Encovate app but how do I log in?

Encovate  learning app at this point is B2B, for organizations and teams. We onboard the learners and share login credentials. 

I am a hospitality professional. How can Encovate help me?

We are happy that you have chosen the hospitality profession. Encovate assists you to guide and fast track your hospitality career with its customized learning and development programs. Reach out to the team at Encovate and schedule an appointment to learn more. Follow us on  social media to learn through our curated stories and engaging content and stay connected on updates about learning programs for professionals.

How long are the organization engagement plans?

The complete duration of the engagement plans will depend on the requirements and objectives that you have chalked out & want to achieve as an organization. It could vary from an engagement period of 3 months to a year and more, where we act as your outsourced training and performance improvement partner.

Can our organization opt only for online training?

Yes, your organization could definitely opt only for online training content. However, we strongly feel that we still need some form of offline intervention to drive and make the training more impactful.

Can Encovate customize the online learning content to our requirements?

Our sole objective is to create meaningful learning content that is effective to drive teams. We have created learning content that covers fundamental skills which are common and standard irrespective of department, function or brands. We could create and add custom content over and top suited to your organizational objectives. Please speak to Encovate team to have a commerical outline estimate.

What is the pricing model?

Please share with us your team strength and structure along with the needs. We would love to understand your requirements better before we share a pricing model best suited for your needs.

How can I contribute in /join the Encovate team?

Well, just write into us. We are constantly looking out for creative minds who have grit and enthusiasm of walking through challenges and creating something unique. If you happen to keep the same passion, we would love to hear from you. 


Encovate is a people & performance development company for the hospitality industry.

Encovate is incubated at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore, supported by Goldman Sachs and Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India.

Registered  Office: Suite# 372, 677, 1st Floor, 13th Cross Road, 27th Main Rd, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

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