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Our blended learning model maximizes on the team and individual potentials, assisting them with customized & real world learning experiences, enabling them with good workplace behaviours and habits, in process achieving personal goals and specific organizational objectives.

Challenges faced by organizations

Be it pre- covid or post covid on the path of recovery, hospitality organizations continue to face the shortage of skilled and trained resources impacting service delivery and productivity. 

Managers do not find the time or necessary resources to train their employees often leading to dissatisfaction and disengagement of employees. 

 Benefits that we drive

Structured & Standard

Learning format that has been designed by industry experts ensuring ease of learning and implementation

Blended learning

Online self paced learning with offline/live sessions emphasizing on learn by doing methodology.

Continued learning

Training shouldn’t be a one-time event but a continuous process to form habits & bring in new change.

Track Performance

Monitor learner progress and advise course corrections when necessary to drive to desired results.

Measure outcome

Metrics to capture impact on learner’s knowledge, skills, performance and company ROI. 

Bring Value

Saves on cost such as lost productivity time, adds incremental revenue through improvement in process.

We saw the changes within weeks of Encovate intervention. With improvements in service delivery time, guest satisfaction levels and incremental sales, the program also created a strong performance evaluation matrix

Shashank Bhardwaj

General Manager, 46 Ounces Microbrewery


How it works?


Assess the needs of the engagement

Establish the needs and objectives of engagement


Outline a customized program

Based on needs craft a customized solution driving desired results


Onboard employees

Provide learning access to all employees undergoing the program


Track Progress

Monitor project  progress and make course corrections

Customized programs for organizations

Server Readiness

This program is targeted at entry level positions in F&B establishments enabling them to be job ready and contribute effectively in operations

Manager development

Meant for young managers, this program transitions one to be better decision makers and develop strong teams to drive success

Sales Effectiveness

Enables individuals and teams to learn about hospitality sales and new effective strategies for every step in the sales cycle 

Leadership Program

Aimed at young leaders the program enables one to be a more fair and inspirational and hands on leader driving teams to success.

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Encovate understands the organizational need, helps design and deliver learning modules that engages teams and speeds up operational producvity driving measurable results.

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