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September 28, 2020

Two scoops of chocolate, please!” I said staring at my watch. My 20th birthday is almost over. As I stood waiting for my ice cream and contemplating about the wonderful day that passed by so quickly, a scene caught my eyes. It was a little girl selling balloons on the roadside. Being a quite busy street, nobody had the time to pay attention to her. After a tiring day all she wanted was to sell the remaining balloons and head back home.

Noticing that I am staring at her, she ran to me with the mere hope of a balloon being sold. “Please buy one. I am very hungry” those innocent eyes glimmered. Without thinking for a moment, I handed over my ice cream to her. The reaction was priceless and unforgettable. The girl took a minute to realise that this has actually happened to her. She looked at me and then the ice cream several times to be sure before taking it. Probably the only thing that convinced her was my smile. Shocked and happy at the same time, she took it and returned the favour with a broad smile. No words were spoken but her gesture said it all. How happy an innocent soul was on receiving a small gift.

                             That is what smiles do, isn’t it? The power to communicate without words but only with the use of 10 out of 639 muscles. A form of positive emotion with minimum efforts that can make someone’s day. The smile of that child made my birthday feel complete. It made me satisfied that I could make someone happy with the least I have. Similarly a father going through a terrible day at work when comes back home and finds his child giggling, it takes away all his tiredness.

Due to this pandemic, our smiles are covered by a layer of mask. Often it’s difficult to see the real emotions behind it. Eyes can play a big role now in conveying feelings. When we smile genuinely, it’s visible even through this pair. A pure smile not only engages the muscles of your mouth but also the eyes.

Smiles convey so many positive things without uttering a single word. From satisfaction, confidence, pleasure, joy, amusement, pain, professionalism – the list being endless. Imagine boarding an airplane with the cabin crew having dull faces with no smiles. Surely that journey will start on a negative note. Or imagine you standing on the stage receiving an award while your parents clap for you with pride. The smile of their face in this situation is different. Think of the painful smile you had while bidding your best friend goodbye?

This is how smiles work. They are different and show so many kinds of emotions. It is said that laughter is the best medicine. Surely the cheapest way to reduce your stress hormones and overcoming all the negatives in your life. Hence remember to smile at random strangers. It can make someone’s day. Smiles are magical and masks cannot hide them.

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